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Malta Institute of Management Malta, MIM Malta
Malta Institute of Management Malta, MIM Malta
Malta Institute of Management Malta, MIM Malta

The Malta Institute of Management (MIM) was founded in 1964 as a non-profit making professional body for managers and people aspiring to work in management. The MIM is a non-political and non-negotiating body with a focus on training and developing management skills and has been at the forefront of management development and training since it was established.

The Mata Institute of Management is regarded as a focal point for professionals involved in management and other sectors of business and industry. This reputation has been painstakingly build up over the last 50 plus years by consistently offering training, events, networking, assistance and guidance to our members and the business community in Malta.

The MIM has been an active member of the European Management Association since its inception in Malta in 1964. A pioneer in management development in Malta, the MIM runs a wide choice of educational programmes in management and business, at various academic levels and with varying duration. The wide array of business courses and educational programmes we offer have surely helped train managers and leaders to improve their management skills and competencies in Malta over the years.

Managers here are keen to improve their skills and managerial competencies in order to make a more effective contribution to their organisations by improving profitability. The MIM is now regarded as the premier professional body representing managers and business leaders in Malta and the MIM is the main institution that equips professionals with crucial tools, methods and knowledge enabling them to challenge within the market and operate profitably in today's highly competitive business environment.

The Malta Institute of Management was formed the same year as Malta's independence (1964). A group of visionary men had the foresight to realise the importance of acquiring management and business skills in order to face the challenges globalisation poses to businesses, particularly in Malta which has its own set of challenges due to its size and limitations.

Today, MIM has developed into a hub for the management profession in Malta. We provide managers and business leaders with opportunities to get qualified, trained, supported and offered the right networking opportunities.

Besides serving as a hub, we offer a consultative forum and provide guidance to prospective and existing managers.

Our mission statement:

To enhance the management profession in Malta within a broad international framework focussing on developing the competence, ethics and effectiveness of managers.

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