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Edinburgh Business School Malta, MIM Malta
The Edinburgh Business School MBA programme is the world's largest. It attracts more students from more countries than any other... Read More
VAT Compliance Malta, MIM Malta
The Association of Taxation Technicians is a charity and the leading professional body for those providing UK tax compliance services.... Read More
Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Malta, MIM Malta
Edinburgh Business School is home to some of the most challenging, most rewarding business education programmes in the world.... Read More

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Malta's Leading Business Management School

Founded in 1964, the Malta Institute of Management (MIM) is a non-political, non-negotiating and non-profit making professional body for persons in Malta concerned with and involved in management. The Malta Institute of Management owes its origin to Malta’s Independence when a group of visionary executives sought to foster the management profession on the island. From its inception, MIM was looked upon as the leading professional body representing managers and leaders in Malta as well as being the main institution that equips professionals with the necessary tools to challenge today’s business environment..
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