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Specialist MSc

With our Specialised MSc courses we cater for individuals who would like to take things one step further and specialise in a particular area of business. These courses are very engaging and go into greater detail than the general MSc courses and are also more interrogative and challenging. These courses have been designed in such a way that will maximize your career prospects in the areas of Marketing, Finance, HR Management or Strategic Planning. These specialised courses will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the key concepts and arm you with the ability to create solutions to real business problems that crop up in the day to day running of a business organisation.

MSc in Financial Management

This MSc programme is designed to assist financial professionals to make a more meaningful contribution to businesses and their bottom line.

We will demonstrate and instruct you on the wide ranging financial techniques, their understanding, functions and application. This course does not require a high level of mathematical understanding of finance theories. It is focussed on the key areas encountered in the field of Finance, namely; Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investments, Derivatives, Credit Risk and Risk Management. This course is packed with useful knowledge that can be used in practical ways that will give prospects valuable and more meaningful insights into the world of Finance.

MSc in Human Resource Management

A business' greatest asset is it's workforce. The people actually run the business and it is becoming increasingly crucial to the success of any business that Human Resources is given the importance it deserves seeing as most organisations identify their people as the key to success. The atmosphere must be conducive to collaboration. Attracting the right people depends on a business's corporate culture. Employees need to feel valued and to be rewarded in order for them to perform at their peak and consequently this will be mirrored within the organisation.

With this programme we will help you to learn more about people skills, techniques and methods that will enable managers to get the best out of their teams, develop strategic, functional and personal skills that are essential to the running of any business or organisation. These skills are becoming increasingly in demand and of importance to HR managers.

We cover the interface between the HR department and other areas of an organisation such as Marketing, Communications, Information and Communications Technology. We also cover Knowledge Management and other key business functions in relation to HR.

MSc in Marketing

Marketing is at the heart of the success of any business. It has become increasingly important with the proliferation of Social Media, which has completely changed the marketing landscape and is causing it to evolve continuously and veer off into alternative directions. For instance, client/customer engagement through Social Media Platforms and Company Websites. 

This intellectually challenging programme is geared towards arming marketing managers with the knowledge they will surely need to enable them to deal with this ever changing and crucial area of business. You will be instructed on how to solve real problems encountered in the every day running of an organisation. We will equip you with the tools necessary in order for you to face the challenges emerging and create clear and effective strategies based on the very latest developments in this field. You will be well prepared to be a marketing leader of tomorrow, and/or to transform the marketing within your organisation. This MSc course will provide you with an understanding of the key marketing concepts, tools and techniques that will enable you to add real value to your business and advance your career in the process. The programme will appeal to graduates in non-business subjects who wish to develop a career in marketing and individuals who have business-related work experience and now wish to move into marketing, or upgrade their skills and decision-making capability in this discipline.

MSc in Strategic Planning

Without strategic planning a business idea is merely a dream.

Another key area we provide for with our specialised MSc courses is Strategic Planning.

How does an organisation achieve growth and success? This fundamental question is at the heart of every business. This specialised MSc will help you and arm you with the necessary skills required to effectively plan a strategy for your organisation and help to reach long term goals and objectives.

In a world of rapid and extreme change it is absolutely essential to keep abreast of all developments, or otherwise fave obsolescence, which is the enemy of all businesses. We will assist you to design and create an effective strategy for your organisation, plan the way forward by designing strategies, identifying key threats and taking advantage of emerging opportunities.

Consequently, this course caters for senior managers holding substantive positions in organisations. We will assist you to improve your understanding beyond your functional speciality.

Additional information regarding educational programmes and prices can be obtained by contacting MIM on  education@maltamanagement.com

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